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Obtaining Better Business Opportunities with Industrial UV Direct-to-Shape Printers

Printing United Expo ended successfully in Las Vegas on October 21st, 2022. During the 3-day tradeshow, Amica Systems exhibited the latest industrial direct-to-shape printers for various applications, which will help customers broaden their business opportunities.

DualSpin ST is specially designed for slim tube printing. Thanks to 2 x 2 operation stations, DualSpin ST achieves printing productivity of 900 tubes per hour. It also supports direct printing on colored, gold, silver and transparent tubes, besides white tubes.

The DualSpin SL Pro UV inkjet printer with 2 x 2 operation stations is capable of direct printing on cylindrical or conical objects. DualSpin SL Pro supports up to 11 color channels, including white ink, primer and varnish, with a maximum print length of 300 mm. It is suitable for packaging and decoration for bottles, cups, paper tubes, and cans.

TDS Pro UV flatbed printer supports up to 10 color channels, including orange and green for wider color gamut. The function of “template printing” can realize the batch print of small objects, such as stationery, electronic products, toys, decorations, etc. The template is made according to the size and shape of various printed objects. Template printing for bottle openers and cup mats is demonstrated during the tradeshow. TDS Pro enables users to obtain vivid colors, rich details, higher efficiency and flexibility.